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Check out the video of the GREEN CHILIES 411 SHOW FROM 2015!

For Immediate Release - Los Angeles CA - March 9, 2015

Event Date:  April 11th, 2015 @ 3pm – Siren Studios, Hollywood, CA

Innovative Indian-Western Fusion Fashion Line “Green Chilies” Announces Launch/Runway Show.

Fashion enthusiasts take note! Introducing new fashion designer Fyza Griggs and the launch of her original fashion line “Green Chilies!”  Utilizing an innovative mix of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi textiles and western-influenced designs, the line is set to debut on April 11th, 2015 in a highly anticipated runway show at Siren Studios, Hollywood, CA at 3PM.  Please RSVP for reserved seating.  The first 100 will be receiving a gift bag! We hope you will join us at this very special event!

Designers and popular fashion lines have been known to frequently draw bits of inspiration from various ethnic influences, whether it be in print or pattern, color combinations, or ethnic embellishments like embroidery, trims or decorative details.  Rising designer Fyza Griggs, from a Bangladeshi/American background, is a living celebration of this kind of synergy.  Recently, to much anticipation, Griggs announced the launch of her new “Green Chilies” fashion line, a colorful and creative fashion alternative that utilizes Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi fabrics brought to life in contemporary designs for the modern woman who wants fashion, comfort and newness at affordable prices. The launch event, set for April 11th, is already causing a stir among those in the know!


Emily G., a lifestyle blogger from Boston, recently said, “I'm fortunate enough to have seen some of the Green Chilies designs, and I really can't wait until April.  These dresses are perfect for summer wear.  They can be worn casually during the day, and also out at night for an adventurous evening.  Fyza Griggs is a name that's going to be a hot topic as we move into Summer 2016.  Highly recommended.”


According to Griggs, the inspiration for the line came from her world travels to remarkable locations including the Southeast Asian countries of India, Bangladesh and Bali.  The seed for Green Chilies was planted when Griggs fell in love with the vibrant textiles, but was less excited by the loose and baggy styling of most of the region's women's clothing.  After long and inspired work, the first collection is ready to launch, much to the excitement of the fashion world.

“Green Chilies delivers beautiful, comfortable, yet exotic clothing for warm climates – and insures you’ll stand out in a crowd,” commented Fyza Griggs, owner and designer of the line.   “We're all very excited by our launch, and we can't wait to exceed our customer's expectations in every way.”

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