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Being born in Jaipur, India, which is known for it’s rich heritage in handicrafts and garments, I developed an interest towards textiles and textile printing at an early age.  I completed my fashion-designing course in 1996 and thereafter joined a garment export house having customers across various countries.  Working in the export house gave me a rich exposure to the wants of International clients and the way they looked at our garments.  I was able to polish and refine my skills with various art forms such as hand block print, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, patchwork and various types of dyeing.  In 2010 I decided to form my own company and work independently. This idea led to the creation of IT’S ME.

About IT’S ME boutique:

Founded in 2010, our focus is towards Indian ladies garments.  Our operations are divided into manufacturing & printing.  As a manufacturer I design and make all types of ladies garments in different patterns with all types of work like printing, embroidery, etc.  As a printer we design new and unique block print motifs and new patterns of printing.  The artisans working with us have rich experience in this field of work of over 20 years thus ensuring consistency and quality.  “IT’S ME” has a retail showroom in Jaipur where our collection of more than 200 different styles with different patterns and work are displayed.  In my boutique I customize personalized garments.  Our garments are being exported to USA, UK and Dubai.  I have started this avenue and want to go ahead as an achiever. 

Thanks Fyza for all your support and believing in me!


The history of block printing expands over hundreds of years. There is evidence that this is the oldest type of printmaking that existed as early as the fifth century BC with actual fragments found from as early as the fifteenth century. It has been used around the world but the roots are in India, China and Japan. Although this printing technique is used all over the world, the finest pieces of block printing can only be found in India as there are many experts who have learnt this art from their ancestors and they know their job better than anyone else in the world. Despite the current state-of-the-art printing techniques, block printing has still managed to maintain it’s traditional magnetism. Fascinating designs and alluring colour schemes have made block printing compatible to the contemporary fashion scene. Today it is not confined to just Jaipur, the hub of block printing, but has also spread to other metropolitan cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.  

In India, the most traditional technique is done with a carved wooden block but there are many different techniques of block printing in the world. These wooden blocks come in different shapes and sizes depending on different designs. Skilled artisans carve the block from seasoned teak wood. After the block is carved, it gets submersed into oil for 10-15 days to soften the grains; this ensures a smooth and glossy printed impression.  100% cotton is used for block printing. The fabric goes through a pre-printing treatment. The fabric is washed so that it’s starch-free and then it is soft bleached. The fabric is then stretched and fastened on the printing table to be block printed.  The printing starts from left to right. The printing block (a.k.a. bunta) is hand dipped into the dye and then skilled printers imprint the impression onto the fabric with a great degree of precision and care. This process is repeated in order to create the intricate details in the design. The printed cotton is dried under the sun for a few days. The final step is to steam the cotton to secure the permanence of the dye.

GREEN CHILIES currently offers it’s customers a range of dresses.  The textiles are designed and made by specialist block printers in Jaipur, India.  There is a variety of different designs and amazing colours where you can find the highest quality block printed dresses.  Amplify your wardrobe with some traditional Indian textiles fused with beautiful summer dresses!  

If you want to look both contemporary and traditional at the same time then let us present

GREEN CHILIES as a place where you can find the best block printed outfits under one brand.

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