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Green Chilies donates 5% of proceeds to MAYA FOUNDATION.

Here is a note from the president/founder:

Dear Friends & Family,

Since 2013, Maya foundation has been working relentlessly on Savar Rehabilitation projects in Toronto and Dhaka:

Maya Foundation’s objective is to work primarily with underprivileged children in Bangladesh by providing them with residence, food, clothing, education, health care and recreation.

Our vision is to build a secure and healthy society for children where they get equal opportunity to expand their talents regardless of their race, religion, language, gender, disability or class.

If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor a child, please connect us. I will send you the cost details and necessary forms. With a small amount donated per year, you will be able to provide the Child with safe living, an education, clothing, books, health and all the basic necessities for 1 an entire year!

We are proud of the efforts and support thus far considering we are still a small and fully non-profit-organization. The foundation was started with the heart and we will continue to work with our hearts and mind in the right place.

Thank you for your continual support.



Mississauga Branch
Tel: 647.838.5757

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